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Prof. Umit B. DEMIRCI

-  Position  : Professor at the University of Montpellier
-  Tel  : +33 4 67 14 91 60
-  E-mail  : umit.demirci
-  Keywords  : Boron-based materials for energy (hydrogen storage and production, anodic fuel, gas (H2, CO2…) sorption...) – Heterogeneous catalysis
-  ORCID ID  : 0000-0003-3616-1810
-  SCOPUS ID  : 22133946400
-  Researcher ID  : AAJ-4026-2020
-  Web of science  : Umit B. Demirci
-  Google scholar  : Umit B. Demirci
-  Website  :
-  Short CV  :

Umit B. DEMIRCI obtained his Ph.D. in physical chemistry, with a specialization in heterogeneous catalysis, from the University of Strasbourg (France) in 2002. Then, through various experiences from 2002 to 2007, he worked as research engineer and post-doctoral fellow on catalysis applied to automotive exhaust gas post-treatment, fuel cell and hydrogen generation. In 2007, he obtained a full position of associate professor in materials chemistry at the Claude Bernard University of Lyon (France). In 2011, he transferred to the University of Montpellier (France). Now, full professor at the University of Montpellier (since Sept. 2015), he works on “inorganic chemistry : materials for energy”. His historical research interests are : boron chemistry, chemical hydrogen storage through boron-containing materials, metal catalysis, and boron-based materials for energy applications (e.g. fuel of DLFCs, energetic materials…). Recently, he initiated works dealing porous and doped boron-based nanostructures for reversible H2 sorption, CO2 capture, and selective adsorption of gas. In July 2021, Umit B. DEMIRCI has for example : (i) co-authored and published more than 150 articles in peer-reviewed international journals ; (ii) given more than 30 talks (1/2 invited) in international meetings ; and (iii) co-supervised more than 15 PhD fellows. Also, he has been involved as member of editorial boards of 5 scientific journals like International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (Elsevier) and Energies (MDPI).
In parallel, Umit B. DEMIRCI teaches undergraduate students at the Faculty of Sciences and the Department of Chemistry of the University of Montpellier. Recently, he has the co-responsibility of the master of chemistry of the University of Montpellier (