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CNRS International Associated Laboratory: French-Russian Laboratory MEIPA

Since January 2011 CNRS created an “International Associated Laboratory” named “French-Russian Laboratory” MEIPA, Ion Exchange Membranes and Associated Processes. Four partners are involved, IEM (UMR 5685, Montpellier) and ICMPE (UMR7182, Thiais) on one hand and Membrane Institute, University of Kuban (Krasnodar, Russia) and Kurnakov Institute of GeneraI and Inorganic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow, Russia).

The activity of the LFR “MEIPA” is aimed at the generation of the knowledge needed for elaboration of novel membranes with optimized properties (via varying structure, chemical nature, surface asymmetry and topography) associated with optimized physico-chemical conditions of operation (electric and hydrodynamic).

Four axes in the joint research program are investigated:

  1. Structure-properties» relations and impact on the trans-membrane transfer;
  2. Role of the surface properties in overall membrane behaviour;
  3. Interfacial phenomena at the ion-exchange material/solution boundary;
  4. Confrontation of mathematical modelling and experimental research.

Prof. M. Cretin (IEM) and Prof. V. Nikonenko (Krasnodar) are co-managers of LFR MEIPA.