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Sébastien BALME

Sébastien Balme has obtained his PhD in physical-chemistry in 2005 at Montpellier 2 University on “proteins surface interaction by time resolved confocal fluorescence spectroscopy”. He went then for post-doc to Geneva University in physical chemistry department on “phytosterol adsorption and derivatization on SPME fiber for selective detection by GC-MS”. Since 2007, he held an assistant professor position in physical-chemistry at Montpellier 2 University.

His research activities are focused on :

  • The understanding the structure/properties relationship of biological confined inside solid matrix
  • Conception and properties study of bio-inspired membrane based on biological channel confinement inside solid-state membrane.
  • Study of macromolecule translocation at single nanopore scale The applications are highly selective bio-inspired membrane, biosensor, DNA sequencing or catalysis.