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Enzymatic Membrane Reactor (REM)

The development of REM, as an objective of process intensification, states on coupling an enzymatic reaction with membrane separation. The biocatalyser is grafted on the surface or inside the porosity of membrane and the reaction happens when the substrate flows through the membrane (flow-through membrane reactor). Various enzymes have been or are studied (proteases, laccases, lipases) for different applications – synthesis of high added-value molecules (esters, aromatic compounds) in an organic solvent or in supercritical CO2, removal of phenolic compounds and pharmaceuticals from waste waters. The modeling and simulation of the REM has been carried out coupling the hydrodynamics with the mass transfer and reaction kinetics in a REM with a 7 channel enzymatic membrane for a hydrolysis of an organic ester.

GPM - pilote

Pilot unit for the synthesis of an aromatic compound in an enzymatic membrane reactor in supercritical conditions.

Contacts :

Delphine PAOLUCCI, Marie-Pierre BELLEVILLE, José SANCHEZ, Laurence SOUSSAN