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Chemist qualified to the level of Engineer (ESCIL 1970), Lyon, France, Gerald POURCELLY got his Ph.D. “Contribution to the electrolysis of anhydrous NH3-HF mixtures for the production of fluorine”, at the University of Lyon (1976). He worked then on the electrochemistry of molten salts before joining the University of Corsica as associated professor in 1982. He carried out studies on the storage of low T energy. In 1986, he joined the University of Montpellier 2 and the research group of Claude Gavach in the Laboratory of Physical Chemistry of Polyphasic Systems (Prof B.Brun). He investigated ion exchange membranes and associated membrane processes. Professor in 1993, he increased the collaborations with Russia and Québec. Deputy-director of the Laboratory of Materials and Membrane processes (1998-2002, Prof L.Cot), he was Director of the European Membrane Institute from 2003 to 2010. To-day, he is director of the CNRS research grouping “Fuel Cell & Systems” (2010-2013) and of the French-Russian International Associated CNRS Laboratory “Ion Exchange membranes & Associated Processes” (2011-2014). He is also in charge of the domain “Fuel Cells & Hydrogen” in the CNRS Energy Program. He is in the Editorial Boards of “The Journal of Membrane Science” and “Desalination & Water Treatment”. He published 128 papers in international journals (WoS, October 2012), 108 of them dealing with membrane & membrane processes and was Conference Chairman of Euromed & Desalination Strategies 2006 and Euromembrane 2009 at Montpellier