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Dr. Laurence SOUSSAN

Laurence SOUSSAN is an engineer from Phelma-INPG (formerly Enseeg-INPG) and she obtained her PhD in Chemical engineering for Environment in 2009 at INSA Toulouse. After a teaching assistant position at INSA Toulouse and a postdoctoral fellowship at the Chemical Engineering Laboratory (LGC) of Toulouse, she was recruited as assistant-professor at the Chemical Engineer School of Montpellier (Enscm). She is responsible for the last year option CBD2 (Chemistry and Bioprocesses for Sustainable Development) and for the units on process scale-up. Her researches focus on the development of new microbial processes for carbon dioxide and methane valorizations, as well as the performance assessment and the action mechanisms understanding of new disinfection processes that are more sustainable (water and health fields).

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