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Dr. Matthieu RIVALLIN

-  Position : Maître de Conférences à l’ENSCM
-  Tel : +33 (0)4 67 14 91 30
-  E-mail :
-  Keywords :
Reactive inorganic membranes
Membrane filtration coupled advanced oxidation processes
Wastewater treatment
-  Short CV :  :

Dr. Matthieu RIVALLIN studied at the University of Nantes and received a BSc in Chemistry in 1998. He obtained a MSc in Water Chemistry and Microbiology from the University of Poitiers in 2000 and, in 2003, he was graduated with a PhD in Chemical Engineering with a specialization in Materials Chemistry. Then, in 2004, he worked as research engineer and post-doctoral fellow on the study of the dextrose crystallization.
Since 2005, Matthieu RIVALLIN holds a permanent position of Associate Professor at the National Graduate School of Chemistry of Montpellier (ENSCM) where he teaches on Materials Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. He carries out his research activities within the European Institute of Membranes of Montpellier. His main research areas concern the development of membrane filtration systems coupled with advanced oxidation processes for wastewater treatment. His expertise mainly includes the elaboration of active membranes based on metal oxide and their integration in coupling membrane filtration and advanced oxidation process (photocatalysis, electro-Fenton, anodic oxidation…) for removing non-biodegradable organic pollutants from water. In March 2018, he is co-author of 21 articles in peer-reviewed international journals and 1 patent.