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Seminar - 2018/2/9

Prof. Eiji YASHIMA
University of Nagoya, Japan Supramolecular Helical Systems for the Development of Unique Chiral Materials

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Seminar Dr. ZAMORA-LEDEZMA - 7/12/2017

Universidad de Investigación de Tecnología Experimental
(Yachay Tech University), San Miguel de Urcuquí – Ecuador

Centro de Física, Laboratorio de Física de la Materia (...)

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Seminar Prof. MEYNEN, University of Antwerp - Belgium - 27/11/2017 - 10h00

Vera MEYNEN Professor at University of Antwerp - Belgium
Surface modification methodologies to create diversity in surface chemistry and applications Abstract: A. Roevens (a), J. Van Dijck (...)

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Seminar Dr. AISSOU - 13/10/2017

LCPO - Bordeaux

Complex patterns produced from ABC-type Si-containing block terpolymers: From patterned templates to isoporous membranes (...)

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Seminar Prof. DA COSTA - 28/9/2017

Joe DA COSTA, University of Queensland - Australia 13h45 - ENSCM - amphi Godechot
Carbon Mixed Matrix Membranes containing graphene and/or MOFs Joe DA COSTA is the Director of the FIM2Lab (...)

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Seminar Dr. DUMEE - 25/9/2017

Ludovic DUMEE Institute for Frontier Materials - Deakin University, Australia All in one – potential of membrane reactors for water treatment Membrane reactors are combinatorial materials offering (...)

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Seminar Trisha DUPNOCK - 18/7/2017

PIRE PhD student
Duke University in Dr. Marc Deshusses Group High performance biomethanation of CO2 to CH4 using a biotrickling filter and Hydrogenotrophic methanogens Summary: (...)

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Seminar Prof. HOU - 10/7/2017

Jun-Li HOU
University of Fudan - China

Synthetic tubular molecules mimicking the function of channel proteins

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Seminar Prof. KATZ - 29/6/2017

Evgeny KATZ Clarkson University - USA
Bioelectronics and Bionanotechnology - From Fundamental Science to Practical Applications
Nouveaux locaux ENSCM : Amphi Mousseron
240 avenue Professeur (...)

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